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Whether your insured is located in Montreal or Percé, has young children and two dogs... Sinistar will offer you comfortable and safe options, following a simple and efficient process.

What’s new?

At Sinistar, we aim for constant improvement. The changes we make are done for you, to simplify your life. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Let us know!

Our technology is developed for you

Innovation is at the heart of our daily work. At Sinistar, we are constantly designing and improving our technology to automate the post-disaster relocation process. We want to make your work easier.

Constant increase in the pool of available housing

Sinistar has become the reference in post-disaster relocation in Quebec. More and more housing providers want to rent their units with Sinistar in order to accommodate disaster victims. The pool of housing we have to offer is therefore continually increasing.

Educational component

Sinistar educates its housing providers on the world of insurance. All of our providers are 100% prepared for the accommodation of disaster victims and know what to expect.

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Why choose Sinistar?

With several choices of online platforms for temporary housing, why choose Sinistar? Here are a few reasons...

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Sinistar vs tourist hosting platforms

Sinistar is designed specifically and exclusively for disaster situations. Online tourist accommodation platforms do not target the same customer base and do not have the same flexibility as Sinistar. Sinistar sends the complete legal documentation to your insured, allows for flexible check-in and check-out dates and takes into account your insured's deductibles and rent payments. Our service is therefore designed and constantly improved to reflect the reality of the insurance world.

The largest supply of temporary housing for disaster victims in Quebec

The difference between Sinistar and other companies working in post-disaster relocation? Sinistar has the largest offer of temporary housing for disaster victims throughout Quebec. No matter where your disaster victim is located, Sinistar will have a comfortable temporary home to offer.

A sharing economy

When you do business with Sinistar, you contribute to the sharing economy because the pool of housing we offer belongs to individuals, our hosts. It is not only one person who benefits from these contracts, but all Quebecers.

Strict selection of available housing

All of the accommodations we offer on have been selected using precise criteria, because Sinistar only wants to offer quality, safe and comfortable accommodations. Before being accessible to disaster victims, the accommodations listed by our hosts must be accepted by a Sinistar agent. In rare cases where an insured is not satisfied with the housing provided, a Sinistar agent will reassess the housing in question. If the accommodation does not meet our expectations, we will permanently remove the accommodation from our database.

Standardized customer service and a single point of contact

When you choose Sinistar, you have the possibility of having a single point of contact for all your relocations throughout Quebec. Instead of going through several different people and risking time loss and misunderstandings, all your files can be centralized to one entity. Since Sinistar is not a franchise, you will also benefit from a uniform customer service for all your insureds.

Use a technology that is 100% Quebec-based

Sinistar has developed a technology that is unprecedented in the world of disaster recovery. By doing business with Sinistar, you are supporting a technology that is 100% Quebec-based and evolves every day. To learn more about our service, click here.