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Temporary housing: social media accounts to follow

By Nathan Guss|4 min|September 2023

Do you want to keep up with the latest news and learn more about the short-term housing industry? Follow these social media accounts.

Running a temporary rental business requires staying informed about the latest industry developments. Whether you’re hosting tourists or displaced policyholders for insurance companies, it’s essential to be aware of market trends, changes in regulations and best practices. You may also want some humour and inspiration to get you through the daily grind.

Social media can be a valuable source of ideas, tips, and timely updates from industry experts and fellow property owners. By keeping an eye on the right accounts, you can glean relevant information and advice. Here are some of the top social media accounts to follow.


The AirBnB SuperHost Tips and Tricks group on Facebook, one of the largest of its kind with over 66,000 members, is dedicated to Airbnb hosts. It’s a hub for hosts to exchange experiences, share valuable tips, and discuss the best ways to handle certain issues. Whether you’re a seasoned Superhost or just starting your STR journey, joining this group can provide insights, solutions to common challenges, and a supportive network of fellow hosts.

The New to Short Term Rentals, Airbnb, and Hosting is another sizeable Facebook group (over 12,000 members). It’s designed for new or prospective STR hosts. It serves as a platform for industry newcomers to ask questions, learn from experienced hosts, and navigate the initial challenges of starting a short-term rental business. Whether you’re considering investing in a property, listing one, or have just started hosting, this group can offer guidance, support, and a community of peers.


Behind the optimizemyairbnb Instagram account is Daniel Rusteen, a former Airbnb employee who has since become an Airbnb expert, property manager, book author, and long-term traveller. He offers a unique blend of perspectives that caters to hosts. Followers can expect content related to short-term rentals (and not just Airbnb), including business tips, how-to guides, and insights from various STR events and interviews. Daniel’s background and expertise make this account a valuable resource for anyone looking to delve deeper into STR hosting.

Thehostcompany is a treasure trove for anyone in the short-term rental (STR) business. As an STR consulting company, they bring their expertise to the fore on their Instagram account. They provide tips about the intricacies of hosting, from interior design recommendations to the latest STR business trends. Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance or a seasoned host looking to refine your approach, their posts cover a wide spectrum of topics.

Mintstrhosting is an Instagram account helmed by Lace Hernandez, who provides advice on social media and temporary rentals. She gives tips for using social media to boost your STR business. Her posts feature actionable suggestions on how to effectively promote properties, engage with potential guests, and build a loyal following, among other things.


Madi and Skyler are all about short-term rentals. Their engaging videos offer up their knowledge of various aspects of the STR industry. On their TikTok account, madiandskyler, they share tips for setting up STR listings and selling properties, and even dive into topics such as mortgages and investments. Plus, they give advice on finding properties and getting them ready for guests. Their clips are informative—often with a silly, off-kilter touch. You can also follow their Instagram account.


Did you know that SiniSTAR is on Facebook and LinkedIn? Follow us to get the latest news about the company, STRs, and insurance housing. Posts are in French and English.

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