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Excelor’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award goes to Alexis Vertefeuille

By Emma Leclerc|1 min|November 2019

On November 23rd 2019, at the 23rd annual Excelor Gala of the Gatineau Chamber of Commmerce, Sinistar’s president Alexis Vertefeuille has won the prestigious prize of “Young Entrepreneur of the Year (under 39 years old)”. He is also the youngest person to ever receive this award.

This gala is a way to underline the tremendous work and innovation from businessman and woman of the Gatineau region, while providing a great platform to showcase their work in the community.

The prize Sinistar won is the result of team work and collaboration, but also is the representation of an important fact of business: when your concept revolves around a cause that is dear to you and your employees, while improving services to the community, you have a great recipe for success.

Sinistar’s team is determined and dedicated to provide temporary housing and support in times of needs to victims of disasters all around the province of Quebec!

Watch Alexis speech here

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