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5 Tips to Feel at Home in Temporary Housing

By Nathan Guss|6 min|August 2023

Looking for ways to feel at home in temporary housing? Read on for 5 tips to make the space reflect who you are.

When you lose the use of your home after an unexpected event, finding yourself in temporary housing can be disorienting. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make your new abode into a welcoming environment.

1. Host gatherings and stay connected.

“Home is wherever I’m with you.” This poignant lyric from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros captures how relationships and interpersonal connection make us feel at home. While a temporary home might initially feel unfamiliar, hosting gatherings and spending quality time with loved ones transforms any place into a warm, welcoming sanctuary. Invite friends over for a dinner, host a game night, or watch a beloved team together. Shared moments of joy, connection, and laughter breathe life into a space and make it your own. And even if the temporary accommodation is far from loved ones, staying connected through online platforms bridges the distance, allowing for virtual gatherings and heartfelt conversations that remind us that home is not defined by four walls. So fill your temporary home with happy memories.

2. Use throw blankets to add instant colour and warmth.

Adding a splash of colour and warmth to your temporary space is as easy as draping throw blankets throughout your new home. These versatile, cozy additions not only infuse your living areas with vibrant hues but also offer a sense of comfort and familiarity (especially if they come from home). Whether you’re curling up on the sofa with a good book, hosting a movie night with friends, or just relaxing, these blankets are your trusty companions.

To make the most of these accents, choose throws in colours and patterns that resonate with your personality and complement the decor. Playful geometric designs, soothing pastels, or bold, eye-catching prints can all enhance a space’s aesthetic appeal. Additionally, consider selecting different textures to add depth and variety to your surroundings. A soft, knitted blanket can evoke a sense of warmth and coziness, while a lightweight, breezy throw works well in a sunny reading nook. These blankets create spots that beckon you to unwind.

3. Get into a daily routine in your new neighbourhood.

If your temporary accommodation is in a different neighbourhood, getting into a daily grove is a powerful way to weave a sense of normalcy and familiarity into your surroundings. Whether you stroll to a nearby cafe for your morning cup of coffee, visit a bakery for fresh pastries, or go for a morning run in the local park, small rituals anchor you in a new environment. You’ll begin to recognize familiar faces, strike up friendly conversations, and start feeling that you’re part of the community. A routine can become a comforting rhythm that puts you at ease in a new area.

4. Let plants to bring life and personality to your temporary home.

Infuse life and personality into your temporary home with indoor plants. They add a touch of green to your living space. Plus, they purify the air and create a calming atmosphere. Choose plants that will thrive in your apartment’s light conditions. If your space receives ample sunlight, consider low-maintenance options, such as pothos, snake plants, or spider plants. For areas with lower light, go for resilient plants, such as ZZ plants or peace lilies. These green companions will brighten your space. You will enjoy watching them grow and flourish.

If you have the luxury of a balcony or outdoor space and are going to be in your temporary lodging for the summer, consider creating a container garden. Container gardening brings nature closer to you. Go with plants that are well suited for containers, such as cherry tomatoes, herbs like basil and mint, or colourful flowers like petunias and geraniums. A mini garden is a burst of colour and fragrance that yields fresh herbs or vegetables for your culinary adventures. Tending to your indoor and outdoor greenery will create a sense of ownership and pride in your interim residence.

5. Organize and personalize.

Organizing your possessions helps create a sense of order and structure in a new space. This reduces clutter and makes your daily routines smoother. Consider adding simple features to help you achieve this goal, such as a coat stand, bins, or a key dish.

When your space is neat, and everything has a designated spot, you’ll feel a tranquility that can make adapting to new surroundings easier (for most people, chaos doesn’t feel like home). And you won’t add to your stress by frantically searching for keys or misplaced items. Plus, an organized home means less time spent cleaning and more free time to relax and enjoy life.

6. Are you looking for temporary housing after a home disaster?

SiniSTAR is a trusted insurance housing solution. The company offers furnished, fully equipped accommodations across Canada for people who have lost the use of their homes. With a quick search on SiniSTAR’s platform, you can find a comfortable temporary home in your area.

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