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for disaster victims

A tailor-made solution for disaster victims, insurance companies and homeowners.

Our story

It all started with a visit to Staples. Alexis then meets an old friend whose house was burnt down six months earlier. As she tells him that she and her family have been staying in a hotel since the disaster, Alexis is stunned. He was surprised that no furnished accommodation relocation service existed in the region at the time. Having furnished accommodation himself, he offers one of them to his friend and family to make their transition more comfortable. He thought to himself that there was certainly nothing unique about this situation.

Based on this evidence, he created, a platform that allows homeowners to offer their homes to disaster victims. All this while simplifying the insurer claims process.

Sinistar is now the largest disaster relocation platform in Quebec. With a community of several thousand verified hosts, Sinistar technology is helping families here weather the tough times of a disaster.

Our mission? Optimize access to temporary housing for all Quebecers who are victims of a disaster. Sinistar is a revolution led by a team of young professionals thirsty for progress and innovation. The disaster relocation industry is finally turning to the sharing economy, access to mutual insurance for all and reducing the wealth disparity in Quebec.

Our team

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Sinistar for the disaster victims

Trouvez le logement temporaire parfait pour vous et votre famille.
Faites appel à une communauté de milliers d’hôtes de confiance vérifiés par Sinistar.

Send your request

Tell us about your situation in a few words. We will solicit each owner whose accommodation meets your criteria. Rest assured: all accommodations are furnished and equipped.


Receive corresponding offers

Receive by email the best offers from our hosts. Each of them understands your unique situation. They take this into account to give you the best possible experience.


Move in within a few hours

Have you found the perfect accommodation? You just have to move in! Don’t pay for anything: your insurer takes care of it.

No fees or deposit to pay

Furnished and equipped accommodation

Flexible dates

No minimum duration

24/7 customer service

Options in your own neighborhood

Sinistar for insurance companies

Sinistar is a software designed and thought specifically for claims adjusters.

Largest hosting community

The largest database of temporary accommodation for disaster victims. With just one click, reach thousands of hosts who understand your business reality.

Verified hosts

We verify the past of our hosts on other platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo. Look for the 'verified' checkmark in addition to the Sinistar rating.

Dedicated to the insurance world

A tailor-made platform with personalized invoices and complete legal documentation. The duration of the renovations is taking longer? Extensions are possible. Some conditions may apply.

Do you want to find the perfect housing for your insured in just a few clicks?

Sinistar for housing owners

Offer your furnished and equipped accommodation to disaster victims in a few clicks. Ideal for homeowners who want to earn additional income while making a difference in their community.

Why rent with Sinistar?
No registration or submission fees.
Ongoing support.
No obligation. You choose all your rentals.
Income guaranteed by insurance companies.
Tenants from your own community.
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