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How to become a Sinistar host

Before you can welcome your first guests, there are a few steps to follow. Here’s what to do.

1. Create a host account

To do so, go to the Host registration page. Answer the questions about your accommodation and then click "List your property for free".

A text box will open. Click “Create an account” and follow the instructions.

2. Create an ad for your accommodation

This only takes a few minutes. Simply:

  • Select the features describing your accommodation
  • Add at least 5 photos
  • Describe your accommodation in a few words
  • Set your monthly price
  • Submit your ad
Good to know

Your accommodation will not be posted on the platform right away. It will first go through quality control (see Step 3).

To learn more:

Setting a price for your accommodation

3. Wait for your accommodation to be approved

To ensure the safety and comfort of disaster victims, one of our agents must check whether your accommodation respects our minimum quality criteria.

It usually takes 24 to 48 hours to approve an accommodation. You will be informed as soon as it’s done.

4. Receive offers

Sinistar contacts you by e-mail every time a disaster is reported near you. You must then either accept or decline the rental offer as soon as possible.

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5. Submit offers

When you accept a rental offer, you will be asked to specify your rental price. Next, a Sinistar agent will compare and suggest the best one to the disaster victim. You will be informed quickly if your offer has been accepted.

To learn more:

Setting your rental price

6. Wait for the disaster victim to sign the accommodation contract

Once your offer has been accepted, the disaster victim must sign an accommodation contract. This document lists the terms and conditions of the rental.

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7. Send entry instructions

Instructions tell your guests how to enter the lodging, but also how to feel at home in your accommodation. Here is some information to include:

  • How to unlock the entry door. Will you be there in person to give them keys? Does the door have an electronic lock with an access code?
  • How various devices work. For example, appliances, television, coffeemaker or spa.
  • Where to find certain household items. For example, spare sheets or household products.

To learn more:

Providing entry instructions

8. Welcome your guests!

It’s the big day: you can now welcome your very first guests in your accommodation.

You will receive your payment between 2 and 10 business days after your guests have moved in.

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