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Extending stays

Sometimes construction work takes longer at the home of a disaster victim. It then becomes necessary to extend the rental beyond the scheduled departure date. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about extensions.

When am I notified?

When the insurer requests an extension, Sinistar will promptly inform you of the new desired departure date.

Can I refuse an extension?

Yes. You can always accept or for an extension. When you refuse a request, Sinistar will move the disaster victims to another temporary accommodation.

How many times can a rental be extended?

Generally, there is no limit to the number of extensions. However, insurers rarely extend a rental more than once or twice. In any event, the decision to extend or not is up to you.

How to plan for extensions?

We always suggest allowing a window of a few weeks without rental after the scheduled departure date. So, if the victim has to request an extension, he or she can stay in the temporary accommodation.