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Communicating with Disaster Victims

You may need to communicate with your guests before or during their stay. For example, in the event of an unforeseen event or to answer questions. Here’s what to know.

Means of communication

If you must contact your guests, do so first by e-mail or telephone. You have been given their contact details at the end of the entry form. If you lose them, send an e-mail to info@sinistar.ca or call 1-855-717-8878.

As a last resort, you can show in person. In this case, notify the disaster victims of the day and time of your visit. Remember to ask for their agreement before entering the accommodation, unless there is an emergency.


People have a right to their privacy. Contact them only for a valid reason and do not show up unannounced.

Information to communicate

You have already provided several pieces of information in the input statements. Perhaps you have even prepared a guide to your accommodation for disaster victims. They might still have questions for you once there.

Here is the most frequently requested information:

  • How devices work. For example, the coffeemaker, the heat pump, television or alarm system.
  • Where are the supplies and equipment. For example, cleaning products, the vacuum cleaner or the iron.

Be available to disaster victims and offer them good service. This will help you get a good review from them.

When to refer to Sinistar

Invite guests to contact us directly if they have too many questions or you don't know how to answer them.

In particular, we can handle questions about:

  • The length of their stay
  • the progress of their work at their home
  • the insurer’s role