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Am I protected against damage, loss or theft?

Disaster victims very rarely cause problems. But in the event of damage, loss or theft, you will not be left to fend for yourself. We will take steps with the disaster victim to reimburse you for the value of your losses.

Requesting compensation

Send your request to info@sinistar.ca. Remember to include photos and a detailed description of the damage and/or loss. A Sinistar agent will see if they are covered by our recovery program. If this is the case, we will collect the amounts due from the disaster victim. We will then send the funds to you.

What losses are covered?

Our recovery program covers the following:

  • Losses related to negligence on the part of the disaster victim
  • Intentional damage on the part of the disaster victim
  • Property theft
  • Damage beyond normal wear and tear

What losses are NOT covered?

Our recovery program excludes the following:

  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear
  • Damage or theft of valuables (collectibles, rare works of art and jewellery)
  • Damage caused by negligence on your part

How can I be sure that I will be compensated?

Unfortunately, Sinistar cannot guarantee that you will receive compensation for losses. We only act as a go-between with the guest and you. It is up to the guest to pay the money owed to you.

We are aware that this involves risks for you. This is why we strongly encourage you to take out home insurance. In particular, insurance that covers damage caused by people staying in your accommodation.

To learn more:

Should I insure my accommodation?

Coming soon: damage insurance for hosts

We are looking at the possibility of offering a damage insurance policy to hosts. In the event of a loss, it would be Sinistar, and not the tenant, who would compensate you.

Stay tuned!