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How does relocation with Sinistar work?

The Sinistar platform enables you to find and rent temporary housing after a loss, in coordination with your insurer. Here’s how it works.

See the procedure for claims adjusters

Step 1: You request a quote.

A single request allows you to contact all the local hosts whose accommodation meets your criteria. Those who wish to host you will then submit their most competitive offer.

So there’s no need to spend hours looking for the perfect accommodation!

The quote system is also well suited for your situation: your claims adjuster will likely ask you for a quote before approving your temporary housing.

For more information:

How to request a quote

Who are Sinistar hosts?

Step 2: Sinistar contacts local hosts.

Once an agent has reviewed your application, he or she contacts all hosts whose accommodation meets your criteria with a single click. Those interested in hosting you send their quote within 24 hours.

Step 3: A Sinistar agent presents you with the best quote.

The agent calls you to offer the best value offer. You then have the choice to accept it or to explore other options.

Once you have selected your temporary accommodation, we send the quote to your claims adjuster for approval.

Good to know

With Sinistar, there are no surprises. Every quote details all amenities, service fees and other charges that apply.

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Choosing an accommodation

Once I have chosen an accommodation, do I have to tell my insurer?

How can I be certain of the quality of the accommodations?

Step 4: You sign the documents.

At this point, you’re asked to sign the following documents:

  • The rental agreement. It describes the details of the agreement you make with the host, Sinistar and your insurer.
  • The assignment of debt. By signing this document, you authorize your insurer to pay Sinistar directly for your accommodation.
Good to know

Usually, you don’t have to pay any out-of-pocket deposits or fees. Your insurer pays for your relocation.

For more information:

Who pays for my temporary accommodation?

Step 5: You receive the entry instructions by e-mail.

This e-mail explains how to access your temporary accommodation and how to contact your host.

Step 6: You move into your temporary accommodation.

That’s it! Now you can move into your temporary home.

For more information:

Can I change accommodations if I’m not satisfied?

Step 7: You are asked if you wish to extend your stay.

At 60% and 70% of your scheduled rental period, you are asked by e-mail if you need to extend your stay. This can be helpful if the renovations to your home take longer than expected, for example.

For more information:

Can I extend my stay?

Filling out a request to extend a stay

Step 8: You leave your temporary accommodation on the chosen date.

Just follow the host’s instructions. You can find them in the e-mail you received prior to moving in. Then, off you go: home!

For more information:

Leaving the accommodation

Sinistar is here for you

The Sinistar platform is designed for your needs and those of your insurer. So you can focus on the most important thing: getting your life back to normal.

Still have questions about your relocation with Sinistar? One of our agents will be happy to help.

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