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How to request a quote

You can complete your request online or by phone at 1‑855‑717‑8878.

Here’s the information you will be asked to provide.


If the Red Cross is involved in your case, call us at 1‑855‑717‑8878.

Your address and other places of interest

This information allows us to offer you temporary accommodation in an area convenient to you.

Rest assured that your personal information is protected at all times.

The number of bedrooms you would like

We will only contact hosts whose accommodation meets your criteria.

The number of people to be relocated

In other words, the number of adults, children and infants that will be staying in the temporary accommodation.

Your insurance status (insured or not insured)

Note that Sinistar is designed for disaster victims who have home insurance coverage.

Not insured? To find out what options are available to you, read our article Finding a temporary accommodation after a disaster: tips and tricks.

Your insurance information

The more we know about your insurer and your claim, the better we can help you. Here’s what to provide:

  • Full name of your claims adjuster. This person will help you submit your claim to your insurer. You can usually find their name in an e-mail they sent you, in your insurance documents or by calling your insurer.
  • Name of your insurer. Indicate the name of your insurance company.
  • File number. You can find it in the documents your insurer sent you in connection with your claim. You can also ask your claims adjuster to send it to you, by phone or by e-mail.
Good to know

We need this information to coordinate your accommodation with your insurer if you decide to relocate with us. It will also be used to send your insurer documents like the rental agreement and invoices.

Your specific needs

This will help us to find you suitable accommodation for your family.

Some frequent requests:

Good to know

All our housing units are furnished and equipped. Basic amenities, such as wireless internet, are also included.

Your arrival and departure dates

If you need to push back your departure date during your stay, you can. Simply request an extension. Our hosts usually accept.

Need help?

Write us at info@sinistar.ca or dial 1-855-717-8878.