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We all know the Alps as a region with breathtaking scenery and as a popular travel destination for skiers and adventure seekers. On the other hand, the climate situation there is alarming. Indeed, the Alps are greatly suffering from the impacts of climate change. The large number of extreme weather events that have taken place is proof of this (floods, landslides, …). Moreover, it is said that the impacts of global warming are twice as intense in this region as the average.

Thus, in order to study the social and economic consequences of climate change in the Alps, Davos will host a new research center in 2021, the Center for Research on Climate Change, Extreme Events and Natural Hazards in the Alpine Space.

This center will be supervised by ETH Zurich and the WSL Institute and supported by the Canton of Graubünden. It will have up to 40 contributors and two professorships that will focus on various research areas. One will study permafrost and the movement of the Alpine mass. While the other will concentrate on the impact of climate change on the Alpine regions.

Graubünden’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Marcus Caduff, has announced that the center will have some CHF 72 million in its hands over the next twelve years, thanks in particular to funding from the various partners mentioned above (WSL, ETH Zurich, Canton Graubünden). He also thinks that the municipality of Davos will benefit greatly from the center: “We want future generations to continue to live and work in Graubünden. »