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How to apply for an accommodation

You can fill out your accommodation application online or by calling 1-855-717-8878.

Below are the steps to follow.


If the Red Cross is involved in your case, call us at 1-855-717-8878.

Step 1: Tell us if you are insured

Online, click the button that matches your situation.

Note that Sinistar is designed for disaster victims who have home insurance coverage.

Not insured? To learn about your options, read our article Finding a temporary home after a disaster: tips and tricks.

Step 2: Create an account

If you are applying online, you will be asked to create a Sinistar account. You can either enter your contact information in the form or log in from Facebook or Google.


Already have a Sinister host account? You’ll need to create a new one with a different e-mail address. However, the phone number can remain the same for both accounts.

To learn more:

Creating a Sinistar account

How to apply online

How to link your Facebook or Google account to your Sinistar account

Step 3: Tell us more about your insurer

The more we know about your insurer and your claim file, the better we can help you. Here’s the information to provide:

  • Full name of your insurance adjuster. This is the person who assists you with your claim with your insurer. You can usually find his or her name in an e-mail sent to you, in your insurance documents, or by calling your insurer.
  • Insurance company. Specify the name of your insurer.
  • Claim file number. You can find this in the documents that your insurer sent you regarding your claim. You can also request it directly from your adjuster by phone or e-mail.

If you do not have all this information, move to the next step. A Sinistar agent will follow up with you.

Step 4: Specify an address… or a few

This allows us to offer you housing in areas that interest you.

Good to know

You don't have to choose accommodation near where your residence is located. You can list your work address or your children's school address, if you prefer.

Step 5: Specify the number of people and rooms

Tell us how many people will be moving into the temporary accommodation with you. Then, tell us how many rooms you want. This helps us find a home that meets your needs.

Step 6: Tell us about your needs (optional)

Do you have special needs? Tell us about it! We will do our best to find you a suitable accommodation.

Some common requests include:

Good to know

All our accommodations are furnished and equipped. Basic amenities (e.g., wireless Internet) are also included.

Step 7: Specify your arrival date

You can also choose a departure date.

Good to know

If you need to push back your departure date during your stay, you can. All you need to do is request an extension. Usually, the hosts will accept.

Step 8: Wait for the agent to call you

Once you have completed your application, a Sinistar agent will contact you shortly after. He or she will suggest an accommodation based on your needs and preferences.

Need help?

Write us at info@sinistar.ca or dial 1-877-717-8878.