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The sharing economy and its benefits

By Emma Leclerc|2 min|July 2021

Our daily activities are more and more based on the principle of sharing, whether it is through carpooling, renting goods, or community gardens.

But what is the sharing economy?

The sharing economy, or collaborative economy, is the sharing or exchange of goods, services, and even knowledge between individuals with or without the contribution of money.

The adoption of the collaborative economy

In recent years, this system has been greatly favored by the appearance of various electronic platforms for networking or trade that allow users to be grouped according to their needs.

The emergence of this economic system has several benefits for our modern society,

the sharing economy:

  • Allows for an emphasis on collaboration, in consumption, production, learning, and finance
  • Contributes to a stronger sense of community
  • Gives consumers more choice
  • Enables the success of the self-employed
  • Allows awareness on waste and recycling (sustainable consumption);
  • Helps save time, resources, and money
  • Allows easier access to a service, a good, etc.
  • Allows for a better return on investment
  • Allows for an experience adapted to the tastes of the consumers
  • Allows to obtain a salary outside the traditional employment circuits

The success of the collaborative economy has been seen for several years, if we look at the figures this is quite obvious. In fact, according to a study by Statistics Canada, the sharing economy is estimated to represent an industry of 1.3 billion dollars annually in Canada. Globally, around 2025, it is expected to reach the threshold of 335 billion dollars.

The sharing economy and Sinistar

At Sinistar, we take a collaborative and innovative business model that allows us to have a better relationship with our customers. Profits are not centralized in one entity but rather distributed among the various intermediaries, including the partners, which allows the entire population to benefit.

Are you wondering how to become a partner? With us, the process of becoming a partner is quick and easy. In addition, our partners have a great deal of freedom within the company, including the ability to set their own prices. Become a partner

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