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How to make your accommodation more inviting

By Isabelle Ladouceur-Séguin|6 min|December 2021

Looking to provide an exceptional experience to your guests? Here are some tips on how to make your home warm and inviting.

Competition can be fierce in the temporary rental market. To stand out as a host, your accommodation must offer more than the bare minimum. Every extra touch counts to delight your guests and attract new ones! And that's not to mention the positive impact on your reviews and host ratings.

Here's how to make your accommodation even more welcoming for your guests, room by room.


Who doesn't dream of curling up in a cosy bed after a long day? For many people, the bedroom is the ultimate comfort zone. So it's a good idea to create a peaceful atmosphere there.



Choose quality mattresses and cotton beddings that breathe well. If you make the beds with feather pillows, keep a pair of synthetic ones on hand for guests with allergies.

Also place spare sheets, covers and pillowcases on the foot of each bed. This way, if you have different sized mattresses, your guests will know which set fits which bed.

Keep in mind that some people get cold at night, while others sweat under the covers. To make sure everyone is comfortable, keep spare covers on hand: extra warm ones, thinner ones, etc.


In each room, install a dresser with several drawers to store clothes. If there is no closet, install wardrobes with several hangers.


Be sure to install an electronic thermostat in each room. They allow for better temperature control.


Place a bedside table with a lamp on each side of the bed. Also, consider storing extra light bulbs in the table’s drawer.

If the room gets a lot of natural light, install curtains or opaque blinds. Guests who like to sleep in will appreciate the thought!


In addition to kitchen equipment and essentials such as spices and cooking oils, consider including a few basic foods. For example, juice, milk, butter, cereals and a fruit basket.

How to prepare your home for a temporary rental

And if you really want to spoil your guests, why not offer them a dessert or some local treats as a welcome gift?


Living room

The living room is likely the spot where your guests will be spending the most time. So it's important to make it a good place to relax and have fun.

Make sure you offer enough comfortable seating and lounging areas. Don't skimp on soft blankets and decorative cushions!

If you have enough space, set up a reading area with a chair, footrest, good lighting and a full bookcase.

To keep your guests busy, provide a variety of board games, magazines and movies. Even better: get a smart TV to allow your guests to watch their favourite series on streaming platforms.



Offer your guests basic toiletries: soap, shampoo, shower gel, hair dryer, etc. Also, consider supplying an air freshener to eliminate bad odours.


Provide storage in the hallway for coats and accessories like hats and scarves. For example, install hooks or place baskets or a coat hook in the hallway.



If your home has a yard, make sure it looks like a good place to enjoy the outdoors! If necessary, give your patio a fresh coat of paint and create shade by installing a pergola or umbrella.

To make your yard even more inviting, provide comfortable outdoor furniture: patio table and chairs, armchairs and coffee table, etc. You can also create a seating area with deck chairs or a hammock.

Provide a barbecue, a full gas tank and outdoor cooking equipment. If space and city regulations allow, you can even install a fire pit. In this case, make sure you supply enough kindling and logs.

Finally, create a warm atmosphere by adding plenty of lighting for summer nights: string lights, torches, lanterns, etc.

COVID-19 prevention

To put your guests at ease, disinfect the accommodation before they arrive and place a bottle of hand sanitizer in each room. Remember to wear a mask if you are hosting them in person.

Ready to increase your occupancy rate?

With all these little touches, your accommodation is sure to impress your guests. Just sit back and watch as the positive reviews and bookings start rolling in!

That said, don't despair if, despite your best efforts, your calendar is still not as full as you’d like. There are plenty of other ways to attract customers! Whether it’s by renovating your accommodation, adjusting your rental price... or publishing your listing on Sinistar.

The Sinistar platform allows you to offer your home to insurance companies to house disaster victims. All of this at no cost to you and at the price you want! What are you waiting for?!

Become a Sinistar host today

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How to make your accommodation more inviting

Competition can be fierce in the temporary rental market. To stand out as a host, your accommodatio...